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NuViZion of Faith Kingdom Ministries


Make a Difference Today

NuViZion of Faith Kingdom Ministries

Where we are commissioned to serve by extending hands of help and a heart of love.

Mission: To help imperfect people find the one who is perfect.

Apostle T.

We believe in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels loved and accepted. We offer weekly services with inspiring worship, relevant messages, and opportunities to connect with others.

The Ds of 2024
D: Disciplined
D: Determined
D: Devoted

Weekly Sermons to bless you and help you in your christian journey.

NuViZion Blog

Leadership providing training and seminars. Unlocking your potential!

Vizionary Edu Center

Apostle T. and Pastor Charles.

On Club House

Kingdom Discussion

The Study of Angels

"The Study of Angels" delves into the scriptural and doctrinal foundations of angels in Christian theology. This course explores the biblical narratives, theological interpretations, and the role of angels in Christian life and practice, providing students with a deep understanding of these celestial beings.

White Brick Wall


A Creative Mind for A Creative Time. We do customize t-shirts, cups, hydration bottles, etc. We go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients. We add the personal in personalization.

From Weeping to Winning:
21-Day Devotional 

A 21-day journal on faith and deliverance. With scriptures to start the day and journal prompting to encourage you fill the pages with your words.

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