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Covenants - PT4

The Davidic Covenant is another unconditional covenant and was not dependent on David’s actions but of Gods. He promised to be a father to David’s son Solomon, to never forsake him and then promised that David’s throne would be established forever. Both David and Solomon committed sins that were displeasing to God but that did not stop Him from keeping His promise. God had a purpose to do it and he accomplished it despite their actions. Jesus Christ is called the Son of David, which refers to the kingship of David’s house, according to the Davidic Covenant.

The New Covenant was established because the results of sin was death. God himself fulfilled the requirements of the law and gave people the ability to follow Him in love and obedience. The most important piece of the New Covenant is the blood of Jesus. In the Old Testament a blood sacrifice was needed for the atonement of sin; however, under the New Covenant, Jesus Christ provided His own body as the sacrifice. Because of the New Covenant, we can receive the gift of salvation and that of the Holy Spirit freely. Romans 6:23 states, for the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus (Romans 6:23, New King James Version).

In conclusion, Gods love for His people is shown in every covenant made including those with conditions. The covenants established the basis of a relationship, conditions for that relationship, promises and conditions of the relationship and consequences if those conditions were unmet. Understanding the covenants helps in understanding God. We know that He is a promise keeper and that His promises are yes and amen but there is also promises with conditions. When we keep our end of the agreement, God fulfills His. He is not a man that can lie, which means if He promised it, know it will happen. A promise is a vow, a vow is a contract, and a contract is covenant, so do not break your promise to God.


Apostle Dr. Tangela Phillips-Lane

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