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Gaining Respect as a Pastor

Respect is the one thing that all seek, no matter where they are in the journey called life. However, as Pastor it is even more vital, it’s even more important, it’s even more crucial, and it’s a bigger desire to be respected. Respect is defined as, a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements ( For many ministry leaders the lack of respect is evident; however, when a leader is respected, it is respect well earned. Often the congregation see their leader as a hierling and not a shepherd. However, when respect is there the congregation can receive and follow their leader much easier.

As children of God, we are commanded to respect others. When we truly respect God we are able to respect others. We teach our children to respect us as their parents as we were taught to respect ours. We are to respect our spouses, those in authority over us including our supervisors and our spiritual leaders. There is saying that is often quoted, “In order to get respect you must give respect.” However, there are situations that respect should be given because of the position or title someone holds.

What leaders often don’t realize is that they have the power to make themselves be respected or not. Having a nasty attitude or disposition, being hard to work with, being argumentative, and seeking be served instead of being a servant can cause it to be hard to respected. On the other hand, the opposite of those things previously mentioned makes it easy to give respect. When a leader functions with a spirit of humility, remains humble and seeks Godly wisdom the respect will come with abundance.


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