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I Need God

I need God!!!!! How about you? We live in a world that is full speed ahead all the time. We get caught up in our daily lives doing what we do: going to work, kids, running errands, and all the other responsibilities that we have. It is easy to forget that in everything we do, WE NEED GOD. Society tells us to be self-reliant, that we can do it all by ourselves, that we do not need anyone’s help or assistance including God. I beg to differ we may not need help from others, but we need help from God. He is the one constant that never changes. He is never too busy to spend time with you and He is always there when you need Him. The pressures of life make it so easy to forget that we need God in our lives. We get caught up trying to juggle everything ourselves and do not rely on Him. On our good days, He is there and on our bad days, He is there. However, because we fail to rely on Him we find ourselves feeling exhausted ready to throw in the towel when life either knocks us down or just piles upon us. It is not just during those times that We Need God…….but……we need Him every minute of every hour, in every situation and circumstance. Many of us have been carrying life’s burdens on our own and we are instructed to cast our cares and our burdens on God because He cares for us. He is waiting on us to give it to Him. Many things we are not meant to carry or worry about. He knows the problems, the pain, the hurt, the disappointment, the tears, the rejection, the depression, the anger, the bitterness, the jealousy…He knows it all. Scripture tells us to come to Him all that are heavily laden, and He will give us rest. God does not ask us to be Wonder Woman or Super Man, that is something we have convinced ourselves of. It's ok to take your burdens to the Lord and leave them there. and have not been mindful of how much you need God lately, do not despair. We serve an awesome, and loving God one who loves us unconditionally with His whole heart. Needing Him is necessary and that is ok to do.

Apostle T.P. Lane

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