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Let God Give You an Oil Change

We know that Oil is a common emblem, a word interchanged meaning the anointing of the Spirit. This anointing represents His renewing, sanctifying, and saving operations, as received and enjoyed by all God's people. We often say things like that singer, preacher is so anointed, they just dripping in oil. And sometimes this statement is accurate, but there are other times that if you placed their oil under a magnifying glass, if you put it under a microscope you would find that the oil they are operating in has no anointing in it and they need God to give them an oil change. If this steps on your toes, sound like I’m referring to you or somebody you know, don’t get mad at me take it up with the one that created me. Amen… As we approach the close of 2020 I believe the church needs to hire some oil inspectors. We have fruit inspectors, your car has to be inspected, house inspectors, clothing inspectors, if you look in your shirt there is probably a label where someone inspected and approved the garment before it was packaged, many things have to be approved by the FDA but why is it when it comes to church we allow things to slide under the radar. That’s why we need an oil inspector. Ask yourself have you had your oil inspected….if we had oil inspectors you might find that some folk are operating with a body oil anointing….that is when they massage things, they make you feel good, nothing is all the way left and nothing is al the way right, they down the middle on everything thing, they don’t want to ruffle any feathers, hurt any feelings, want to be liked, want to be in right standing with man. But how many are so glad that God is not like man, that His ways are not are ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts.

And then you have churchers that have that cooking oil anointing, they only get hot when they close to some heat, these are the ones that have to be pumped and primed, pushed into a praise, but all it takes for some is to look back over last year, last month, last week, yesterday, and that will cause a fire to start burning. Amen but then there are those that have that motor oil anointing that 5W30….it can work well in cold temperatures and it works well in normal temperatures, but when it gets to hot it begins to evaporate... these are the ones that are ok being a part of a dead church, these are the ones that when the fire falls they disappear…

But then there are those that have the anointing of the Holy Spirit…its this oil that makes a difference, its this oil, this anointing that breaks yolks, it's this oil that can set captives free, its this oil that you need.

God is ready to give you a free oil change. You do not need a coupon or wait until your oil turns colors. Some may even say, I am anointed with the Holy Spirit, but even so, we all can use fresh oil. Let God give you an oil change.

Apostle T. P. Lane

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