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Morning Dos!!!

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Probably check your phone, right. You start scrolling Facebook, or look at Instagram, check your email and now you probably are checking Clubhouse to see what rooms are coming up.

You might even carry your phone with you to the bathroom! If you are like most all this occurs well before 6 am and your mind has begun to raise with thoughts of what needs to be done and how you are going to accomplish each task. Many of us start our day in that order and it consumes our mind and our day.

What if you started your day differently? What if you started your day with God? Would the rest of your day look different? Is it possible that your mind can be renewed with peace, joy, and hope? Yesssssssssssss!!!! It is possible.

Spending time with God and in His Word can put everything into perspective. We often overlook our morning routine because we are rushing and feel we do not have the time. However, we should make time with God and make it a priority! Changing your morning routine to include God will not only change your day but change your life.

Let us look at some morning dos.

1. Do Praise and Worship.

Create a playlist or listen to your favorite worship album when you wake up in the morning. Let the music fill your heart and mind. As you listen allow it to usher you into His presence. Sing along with the songs or just be still and listen to the lyrics.

2. Do Make an Appointment.

Have a space where you meet God every day. It could be a prayer room or prayer closet, or you can have a dedicated area where you study. Having a special spot set just for your quiet time to read His Word, for praise and worship, and a place to pray can inspire and encourage you to show up daily for your appointment.

3. Do a Scripture Card.

Once you are done, pick a verse that stood out to you. Write the verse down and

carry it with you, tape it on your mirror, put it in your car, etc. This will allow you

to repeat it and meditate on it and possibly memorize it.

4. Do Pray.

Prayer is a key part of our relationship with God. It is one of the ways we talk with Him. Be real with God in prayer, He already knows but confess it anyway. Tell Him what is in your heart, what is weighing you down. If you have time you can also pray and walk (two things at once) but this also gives you an opportunity to pray for your neighbors as you pass their homes.

5. Do Start a Journal.

You can write about the scriptures you read and what you feel they are saying to you. You can write down your prayer request so when the prayers are answered you can go back and document it. Journal how you were feeling before and after spending time with God.

6. Do Sit in Silence.

It's during this time that you allow God to respond to all that you have said and done. Let Him download his plan for your day, His ideas, and His agenda. Do not be so quick to move out of His presence.

Start Your Day with God!!!!! Put Him first and watch your chaotic world transform into one of peace. First the Word then the world, in that order every day.

Apostle T. P. Lane

“We On Duty”

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