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Positioned for Transition

Today we will discuss, being in position. We know the story of Elisha and Elijah. So I won't give you a bible study lesson, but I want you to keep in mind what took place between the two. Now if by chance you have no idea, what I am talking about, then that’s good too. Just pull out your Bible or google it; then read the story for yourself. Our highlighted scripture today is found in the book of Isaiah 43:18-19, it reads

[18] Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. [19] Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. …

Remember means... To call to mind. To be thought of. To hold in the mind.

But!!!! Here’s the one I think the Holy Spirit is warning against.

It is, to make a memorial.

In other words; to enshrine something as so important or so big and so grand that you can’t move past it, because you worship what you have enshrined.

The Holy Spirit asks the question, shall ye not know it?

In other words, it is very possible that I would do something new, better, greater, grander, more magnificent than you have ever seen or experienced before, but you can miss it because you’re still worshipping at the enshrined memory of the past. When he says, "Remember not” He is saying, don’t let enshrined memories of the past keep you from moving forward. Be thankful for the wonderful memories, but do not be a prisoner of the past, good or bad.

It’s time for a new thing. God said: Behold I will do a new thing!

The new thing is He is about launch you out into the deep. The new thing is He is about to give you your heart’s desire. The new thing is, He is about open doors, that no man can shut. The new things is, He is about to bless you like never before. BUT are you in the right position for the transition? Think on that are you truly “Positioned for Transition”?

By no means do I know everything God has in store for us, as a body of believers or as individuals. But I do understand that the word "transition" implies movement. It’s time for us to move!!!

Let me be even more specific: "Transition speaks of movement, progress, of forward motion."

Transition is always about leaving one place to go to another. Elisha couldn't get to Bethel without leaving Gilgal. The same is true about Jericho, He Couldn't get to Jericho without leaving Bethel. Are you ready to transition? If you are not sure, let me help you out just a bit.

Transition means, leaving some things behind. Can you do that?

Transition is something that requires participation. Are you ready to participate?

Transition cannot happen by accident. Are you ready to move on purpose?

Transition is a choice to co-operate and move with the Holy spirit. The Holy Spirit is ready, but are you?

Transition has 3 main components.

1. Letting go of the old. 2.Trusting. 3. Taking hold of the new.

Why is transition so hard most of the time? Because most of the time the Holy Spirit doesn't tell us exactly where we are going. He just witnesses to our spirit that our time in a certain place or in certain conditions or an environment is getting ready to change. Then we must decide if we really want everything God has prepared for us or are, we going to settle for the comfortable and the familiar.

I asked you earlier if you knew the story of Elijah and Elisha, well here is where you need that knowledge. Elijah was Elisha’s mentor and he had poured into his life for over 10 years. Of course, Elijah wanted Elisha to receive the mantle. But He knew Elisha had to want it enough to transition. In other words; He had to want it enough to let go of and leave the comfortable and the familiar to go after the unseen, and the unknown. (I hope you caught that!!!)

Transition is a difficult place many times because it is usually an in-between place. It is the squeezing place. It's the place where you were comfortable, where you were adjusted, where you knew what to expect, where you had a pretty good handle on everything, and now you don't have a handle on anything or a clue on what’s coming next

It is the place where your faith is tested. It is the place where you are tempted to grumble and complain and start looking back to the old familiar comfort zone.

It's the place where you either breakthrough or you break down. It is a necessary place because it is the proving ground, it is where you prove to God by your actions and your attitude that you are more interested in following Him than being comfortable.

I think one of the most exciting and inspiring things that I learned from the story of Elijah and Elisha was this: Elisha went beyond his mentor...

Elisha pushed for more. Elisha had developed his own appetite. Elisha didn't just want what he saw in and on Elijah, he wanted double.

Which means, he not only wanted what he had seen and experienced with Elijah, He wanted more, he wanted what he had never seen and never experienced. I believe Elijah as Elisha’s mentor, knew something about what God had in store for Elisha. He perceived it; he was preparing him for it.

But I believe Elisha's request surprised Elijah. It is what every mentor and spiritual father, spiritual mother, and midwife wants for their spiritual sons and daughters, but it is rare. "I want double"! What about you???

Are you positioned for transition?

Positioning ourselves for transition begins by deciding that... If there is more for us, then we want it. If there is something better for us, then we want it. If there is a better way, then we want to learn it. If there is a greater anointing, then we want it.

Positioning for transition means...To anticipate the new. To anticipate the different. To anticipate the greater. To anticipate the unknown. To anticipate the uncomfortable.

Anticipate means, to expect, figure on, to look forward to enthusiastically. So, where you are, is not where you will stay. You are about to move into a place where you have never been before, but you must be in the correct position!! Have a spirit of anticipation, wait and see the goodness of the Lord!

Apostle T. P. Lane

“U. R. Valued”

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