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Many of us, if not all of us look in the mirror more than once a day. We are checking our

reflections, BUT; what do we really see? Is our makeup beginning to shine? Do we have

something in our teeth? Do we need to adjust our clothes? Is our hair out of place?


WHAT DO WE SEE??? Does our reflection show us someone that is overweight,

someone to thin? Perhaps you see someone that has failed time after time after time. Or

maybe you see the person that has let everyone down including yourself.

WHAT DO YOU SEE??? A woman raising her children alone but doesn’t feel you have

what it takes to be called a mother or a man that was just a child himself when you brought

another life into this world. Do you see someone broken, and at the point of giving up?

WHAT DO YOU SEE??? The sad thing about all of this is that we not only see ourselves

like this, but we look at others and see the same. Society has convinced us that success does not look like us. The world has painted a picture that many glares at desiring what they see but the reality the picture is distorted. For far too long we have looked through clouded lenses only seeing fragments of who we are. Yes, we have made mistakes, but the Bible says we all have sinned and come short of His glory. We all have a past, but He is the one that holds our future. Sometimes we stumble, but the steps of a righteous man/woman are ordered by the Lord.

It's not what you see BUT, what He sees in you……

He calls you blessed, He calls you favored, He calls you chosen, He calls you more than a conqueror, He calls you an heir to the throne, He calls you HIS son/daughter. We can no longer see ourselves as the world sees us but as how God sees us. The moment our vision changes so does our view. Things will look differently when you begin to see yourself through the eyes of Jesus. He sees you through eyes of love and compassion. Truly loves covers a multitude of sin!!!!!!


“U R Valued”

Apostle T. P. Lane

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