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Speak It!!!!

Praise the Lord!!!! We crossed over into 2021 and though the calendar changed many things remain the same. We are still battling COVID-19, many of still facing financial difficulties, some are dealing with depression and oppression, others might have even thought about suicide due to the troubles of the 2020. It was prophesied that the year 2020 would be a year of clear vision. However, 2020 appeared cloudy, the view looked distorted. Things did not happen the way many of us thought. However, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that the prophetic word was accurate because He showed things about people in 2020. He showed us who really was in our corner. Not only did He show us who others were, He revealed many things about ourselves to us. We learned that we were stronger than we imagined; that we are survivors, that we are fighters, that we authors, and that we are entrepreneurs. Many of us learned that we have purpose!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS

In finding our purpose, we found our voice!!!! I am sure you have heard that your voice has power, well that is true. If you look in the book of Genesis, you will see how God spoke a thing and it happened. He created the world by speaking it. Our words have the same capability. If you examine your world at this moment, you will see that some of things you spoke into existence. STOP!!!!! Do not get discouraged, you needed to see that so that you can change your language and begin to speak what you want to see. When you begin to speak it you will begin to see it. This year we will be decreeing and declaring instead of denying and doubting. You need to get ready for God to blow your mind, because as you speak it shall come to pass.

Speak Blessings!!!!!!! Speak blessing over your finances, over your health, over your family, over job – not just your job but your career!! Speak blessings over your ministry, over your business, over your marriage!! Speak blessings and declare the favor of the Lord over your life. Speak It, speak it, speak it!!!! Change your words and change your world. Just begin to SPEAK IT!!!!

“U R Wort It”

Apostle T. P. Lane

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