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To Apologize or Not to Apologize? That is the Question.

Why is apologizing so hard to do? Many use the words “I’m Sorry” as a means to smooth things over or an attempt to make things better. I have learned that the action that follows determines if the words verbalized were true. Any form of an apology without a change in behavior is just manipulation. Be mindful and pay attention. We often hear the words and they often sound so sincere, because we desire to make amends we negate the fact that the behavior has not actually gotten better; many times it has gotten worse. Words carry a lot of power and weight. They can be used to build or to destroy. When the apology plus the correct action merges it can build or bridge a gap that has been formed between two people. It’s just the opposite when the apology and the action don’t add up it causes the gap to widen.

So when you apologize do it sincerely. In other words, mean what you say and say what you mean. There are three things we all need to know.

  1. The apology you deserve might be an apology you never get.

  2. The apology you give might not be an apology that’s received.

  3. A true apology comes with change.

A sincere apology comes with ownership, not pointer-ship!!!!

The blame game is not an apology!!!!

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