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Where Do I Fit?

In this crazy mixed-up world, we all are trying to find exactly where we fit in? Many of us have felt at some point in our life, we do not fit in anywhere. You may have said, “I am not tall enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I’m not pretty or handsome enough”. If not that then perhaps, “Nobody cares for me”, “Nobody loves me”, “Everybody hates me”. It may not be the exact phrase, but I am sure it is close; right. Maybe you are afraid to admit it, but I have been there more times than I want to count. But somewhere down the line, I was introduced to someone amazing. Yep, you guessed it, God. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I can speak for me. The saying that once you come in contact with Him you will never be the same is surely an understatement. I was convinced that God did not like me either because of the things that I considered bad that happened in my life. However, now when I look back over my life, I truly can see how God was there all the time. He was working behind the scenes, and I did not even know it.

Sometimes, I imagine God to be putting together the biggest jigsaw puzzle a person could ever imagine and we are pieces of the puzzle. Some of us are edges, and corners but the rest fill it in to make a beautiful picture. Have you ever put a puzzle together, but could not find the right pieces to fit together? LOL, that is what God does, He knows where we fit but we have our own minds and thoughts and do things our own way and we try to fit with the wrong pieces, but then He connects us to the right ones. Or what about a piece, that was dropped, and you look for it but cannot find it. Then one day, you discover it under a table and when you find it, the puzzle can continue. Yep, that is us too. We go through some bad situations and we think that God has dropped us and does not care. Truth be told, He has been looking for us the entire time, and when He finds us oh how happy He is, and His puzzle can continue. Each of us has a place in God's masterplan, in His grand jigsaw puzzle. Never let anyone tell you that you will never fit in, or that you do not fit if by chance they do. Let your response be God made me, so I fit. He created me for His purpose, so I fit. He was thinking of a masterplan and designed me, so I fit. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, so I fit. Tell them its, not a question of where I fit, but a statement that I Do Fit Where--- Where God intended me to.

Apostle T. P. Lane

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