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You Are What You Eat

Growing up my grandmother use to tell me all the time you are what you eat. Initially, as a young child, I though it meant that I would grow up to resemble a hamburger or a bowl of cereal. I even thought that I would be square like the Chef Boyardee Ravioli’s. The older I got I began to understand that I would not look like the food I was consuming but that it would have an effect on the way my body would look. That did not stop me from eating McDonalds french fries or whoppers from Burger King. However, the more I grew the more I realized that what she told me all those years ago was true. Not only did areas of my body get round it seemed to stay that way. I had to change what I was eating which eventually began to change my body’s appearance. Although, it was my mouth doing the eating; it was my mind telling it what to eat and what not to eat. I believe everything starts with a thought.

A thought according to the online Meriam-Webster Dictionary, is “an idea or opinion produced by thinking, or occurring suddenly in the mind ( The thought requires thinking and it takes place within our minds. It is our thoughts or ideas that create who we are as people. Growing up we had grand ideas, grand thoughts that we could be and do anything our mind could think of. As children we fed our imagination, we fed our mind by reading books, watching television, listening to our parents and even listening to our pastor. We begin to think, to dream and to imagine ourselves as doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, movie stars and the list went on. Some went on to live out the very thoughts they had as children; however, others adjusted their thought process. Perhaps it was due to unforeseen circumstances, a change of mind, but for some it was due to the thoughts placed within us by someone else.

Because our words have power to create, the very thing spoken is heard and becomes a thought in the hearer’s mind, be it negative or positive. Once heard it becomes a thought that begins to manifest in the hearer’s life. We wonder why some people are so confused and mixed up, well its because their thoughts have become their reality. They themselves cannot even understand how it took place, but the thought was planted, and it produced some problems. Joyce Meyers wrote a book titled the Battlefield of the Mind and that is truly the place where we must learn to fight. The scripture tells us in 2nd Chronicles 20:15 that “the battle is not ours but the Lords (2 Chronicles 20:15: New King James Version). While typing this, the revelation from the Holy Spirit was that if we have the mind of Christ why are the people of God still losing the battles. Because we have the mind of Christ then the battle of the mind is won because the battle does not belong to us but to the Lord! The reason we lose the mind battle is because of our stinking thinking. Our thoughts get contaminated with negativity and we began to believe the negative instead of the positive which is spoken by God.

We begin to think that we cannot do it, that we will never be anything, that we will not accomplish it, or get out of it because of thoughts. Once we get a handle on our thoughts and have a renewed mind our thoughts begin to change. No matter how many negative thoughts enter because we have the mind of Christ positivity should be the result. The bible says that everything that God made was good. The best thing about that is because it started with a thought. Therefore, it is good. Many have believed what others have said about them and begin to think they are that. Thoughts that we are just like our mother or father stick with us and cause us to see ourselves in their reflection. It takes us learning who we are in God for those chains of negative thoughts to be broken off our lives.

Just as I mentioned earlier about eating natural food, we must also spend time in Gods word and feed our spirit man. The more we feed our spirit the more our thought pattern begin to change, and we begin to see ourselves differently. It does not matter how many prophetic words are spoken over a person’s life until their mind is changed and renewed, they truly cannot receive the prophetic word. As they had doubts about themselves, they often doubt what God says about them as well. However, when a person has a true encounter with God and begins to build a relationship with Him, the scales fall from their eyes and can see themselves differently. When a person can conquer their thoughts, they are able to conquer their thinking, because thinking and thought go hand in hand. A Christ mindset is a changed mindset, and it starts by feeding your spirit the word of God. “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things (1 Corinthians 13:11 New King James Version).

When we change our thoughts, we change our thinking, which changes our reflection. Its then and only then that we can see ourselves through the eyes of God. Our past is where we learned how to live in our present which prepares us for our future. If we continue to eat what the world is feeding us, we will never win the battle in our mind. However, if we feast on the Word of God, and allow Him to transform our mind we will forever be changed and become who we think we are in God.


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Apostle T. P. Lane

“U.R. Worth It”

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