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You Survived to Live!!!

Throughout life we go through issues, we have obstacles, we have situations that try to hold us back. They try to keep us from progressing, from pursuing, from excelling, and this happens to most if not all people of every ethnicity, every race, and every background. If we are honest in life, we have had our share of obstacles, and some have been harder than others almost to the point of not being able to bare them. However, we survived the very thing that was meant to destroy us. Listen, my survival and your survival was not an accident it was part of the plan of God. There is a saying, that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is true. Its because of what each of us have been through that we are who we are. We can stand in the face of adversity because we have conquered it before. We can stand in the face of trouble because we have faced it before. We can even stand in the face of trials and tribulations because we have faced them before. Life might be hard, but you are a survivor! Life might be difficult, but you are a survivor! Life might be tough, but you are a survivor! So no matter how things look, no matter how things may sound, YOU GOT THIS because YOU ARE A SURVIVOR. You survived to live so LIVE!!!! Know that you shall live and not die and see the salvation of the Lord. Keep living because you are a SURVIVOR!

Apostle Dr. T. P. Lane

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